What We Provide

Materials provided

We help make it simple
We provide clearly-labeled and separated bins to businesses who sign up. Our design research shows that people are more likely to recycle when bins have vivid examples of what's recyclable, and uptake is more efficient when bins are already separated.

We help make it easy
We study your office habits and place bins where they’re most likely to be used to ensure recycling is easy for people.

We help make it educated
EcoPort is a proud sponsor of community-based education events aimed at families and professionals, we also work with Green Leaders around Hong Kong to pull together ideas and try to make them a reality.

Service provided

We help make it simple
Business doesn't need to be more complicated, starting with EcoPort is easy:
1. Choose the type of waste you'd like to recycle
2. Tell us how often you think you'll need pick-ups
3. Let us know where you are and we'll arrange the rest!

You'll be able to choose a fixed monthly fee paid in two parts - transparent, clear, no surprises.

We help make it easy
Schedules change, events happen, and you need to be flexible - EcoPort also provides on-demand pickups for when your company has special events that produce more recyclables.

We help make it educated
See your true carbon footprint on our waste tracking system - exactly how much waste you're recycling, broken down into types, days, and a comparison to how much other companies are recycling.

See what’s going where

All our clients receive a customised dashboard showing exactly how much of each type of waste you're recycling and where it's going - perfect for CSR measurability.

Verified Recyclers

Some "recyclers" out there aren't doing what they say they are - we've done the due diligence to ensure your dollars are going towards the most productive and responsible "real" recyclers in Hong Kong:

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