Why We’re Different

Recycling for the 21st century

We believe Hong Kong people can fix Hong Kong's waste problem.

EcoPort aims to make recycling easier for everyone by bringing technological innovation to the industry:
1. We provide on-demand or scheduled vans for waste transport from your home or business

2. We provide recycling bins to get you in the habit of recycling

3. To ensure full transparency for Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, we also provide a Waste Dashboard that shows you exactly how much of each type of waste your company is recycling in real time.

Our network of transporters keeps costs low and allowing more people to recycle. Get in touch if you have any ideas on how we can collaborate.

Putting waste to work

Hong Kong faces a growing waste problem - our landfills are filling at an alarming rate, and recycling is stagnant. But this also serves as a major opportunity - what if we could directly connect the waste produced by Hong Kongs biggest companies to productive upcyclers? This will be the industry of the future: waste from one product is raw material for the next. We provide for that future.

Technology-driven services:

On-Demand Pickups

Having a big event? Don't worry, with 24 hours notice we can reduce the event's environmental impact

Waste Tracking

Online dashboard that shows how much waste you produce and where it is being recycled

Recycler Transportation

Are you an active upcycler in Hong Kong? EcoPort makes transportation easy and efficient

Eco Events

Spreading the word about recycling, one event at time - check our Facebook page for the latest

Educational Programs

We work with schools to make recycling education more hands on

You tell us!

Let us know if we can be off assistance for environmental projects in Hong Kong

The green team

Jason Sigmon

Jason Sigmon

Chief Problem Solver

Jason’s favorite things to do in the whole world are solve problems, tell jokes, and eat. If he’s not in the office he’s probably at the gym, hiking, or on a crazy adventure in a country you’ve never heard of

Ashwin Anandani

Ashwin Anandani

Technical Advisor

If Leonardo da Vinci were a modern man, he would act a lot like Ashwin. Always tinkering on the “next big thing”, you can be sure anything we produce will have passed through his hands or his mind

Iris “IP” Poon

Iris “IP” Poon

Research Analyst

Iris has driven the initial Hong Kong-based research programs on waste management we’ve conducted – along the way, she’s uncovered some incredible facts about Hong Kong’s waste problems…